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Straightforward and free of charge, Strategist is an executive strategy watch for professionals

Exclusive content keeps you abreast of executive strategies. Strategist is an editor and publisher of professional information. The information shared on Strategist comes straight from the companies themselves or their senior executives.

We offer two types of information:
• Interviews with senior executives sharing their strategic vision for their company
• Opinion pieces from professionals sharing their views on developments in the industry.

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Strategist is focused on the following industries:
• Finance/Banking/Insurance
• Luxury/Cosmetics
• Real estate/Tourism
• Web/Tech/Digital services.

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Strategist for businesses: premium content to grow your reputation

Boost your reputation among senior executives and opinion leaders in your industry. Strategist is an editor and publisher of premium professional content.

As a company, you can:
• Promote your expertise and corporate vision through interviews with senior executives written by Strategist’s editorial specialists
• Share your experts’ analyses of the latest developments in your industry
• Distribute articles containing strategic news from your firm.

Content edited by Strategist is disseminated across all web channels, including:
• Search engine optimised and design responsive web platform
• Industry newsletters sent out to senior executives and opinion leaders
• Social media: LinkedIn and Twitter.

Who are we

Strategist is published by The Editorialist, whose complete editorial and publishing solution enables companies to create, publish and easily measure their professional content. A full 20% of CAC40 firms and some 50 smaller businesses now use The Editorialist, which has become one of France’s leaders in B to B publishing and editorial solutions in the space of four years.

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