Apax Partners

Immersion in Silicon Valley, digital action plans and strategic planning: How does Apax Partners actually help the digital transformation of SMEs? Eddie Misrahi responds via video.
Bertrand Pivin, Partner at Apax Partners, responsible for investments in the Business & Financial Services and Healthcare sectors.
Over the last 20 years, Apax partners has invested in many small and mid-sized companies in the healthcare sector. Bertrand Pivin intends to continue building on this strong momentum in the years to come.
What is the primary task of a leader during digital transformation? Assessing the scope of the new technologies in order to understand how they are likely to impact your business. Singularity University is famous throughout ...
Trois Directeurs Associés d’Apax Partners partagent leur vision de ce qui fait selon eux, aujourd’hui, le succès d’un développement à l’étranger.
Dominique Cerruti, Chairman & CEO of Altran, has announced his intention to turn the French company into the worldwide leader in engineering and R&D services. His two key measures for getting there.
Apax Partners has accompanied more than a hundred build-ups in healthcare, TMT, education and business services.
L’Usine Nouvelle, LSA, Red On Line, Le Moniteur: as head of Infopro Digital, Christophe Czajka, has led around 30 acquisitions in less than 15 years.